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Best Sex Doll Torso Toys for Women

Due to the rearmost advancements in sex dolls, women are cozying up to the sex doll industry like never before. Dolls are being made lighter, more lifelike, and further adaptable to feed to the requirements and wants of women who favor the convenience of realistic dolls over conventional dating.

There are severa different types of sex dolls that feed to women, including lightweight lady dolls with voluntary penis attachments, male sex dolls, and male sex doll torsos.

There are multitudinous effects to consider when buying a sex doll, from particular likes and conveniences to getting what you really want out of the experience. But one of the most important factors for numerous women is the weight and size of the doll.

Doll Sizes and Weight

Angelina, a truly little and lightweight sex doll, perfect for a woman needing commodity easy to carry to the bedroom.

Weight is a strong consideration for women who may not be suitable to fluently move a larger doll around in the bedroom. Though, lightweight dolls and torsos might not give you all that you want in your sex doll experience.

The weight of full-sized sex dolls varies and can be between 25 and 40 kg (50 and 88 pounds). These nearly lifelike dolls are the most realistic ones on the market; they give women the whole boyfriend experience without the awkward small talk or parent meetings. Being more than five bases above the ground, they can be dressed normally and are fashioned to resemble the ideal man for stoners. The storeroom condition is just as problematic as the weight of the full-sized dolls. You need closet space so that you can put the doll on a hook and hide it from view when guests arrive or, better yet, when the apartment conservation guy comes by.

Male torsos are the lightweight option available to women. These dolls, ranging from 5 kg to 15 kg (11 to 33 pounds), occasionally have changeable private parts and are easier to hide in storehouse than the full-body dolls. The strike to the convenience is that the skin texture is frequently less real to the touch and the torsos don’t give women with the full body experience. The torsos also demand the full customization one gets with full-sized and mid-weight dolls.