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Top 5 Places You Can Use A Sex Toy

Adult toys are a delightful addition to your sexual life, and their popularity has been steadily rising in recent years. To acquire some quick and easy Oohs and Ahhs, couples or single people who are sick of the same old sexual routine often check out the assortment of toys on the market.

But, enjoyable sex is more about how you use it than what you use, thus MKsextoy has compiled a list of the most incredible locations outside of your bedroom where you may use a sex toy.

  1. In The Shower 

At MKsextoy, we provide a wide selection of water-resistant toys, ranging from dildos to anal plugs, and battery-operated, and magnetic vibrators. Use your favorite toy in the shower to elevate your masturbation to a whole new level. The majority of dildos come with a suction cup base that makes them ideal for sticking to flat surfaces like bathroom tiles or shower walls.

For example, the MKsextoy’s 23cm Penis sex toy is a realistic, waterproof dildo that is ideal for usage underwater thanks to its sturdy suction base and elegantly formed shaft. Place it on a tile and use it to expel steam and penetrate the vagina or anus.

  1. In The Bathtub

Attach your suction cup dildo to the bathtub’s side. As the dildo gradually penetrates you for a powerful, deep climax, allow the hot water to ease your strained muscles. To create the ideal atmosphere, light some candles, turn on some music, and allow the toy to saturate your senses.

You may always use a waterproof vibrator, like the magnetically charged MKsextoy G-Spot Vibrator, which has 12 vibration settings and a generous insertable length of 19 cm if you’re searching for something stronger than the standard penetration. Help yourself get turned on before getting completely in the bathtub since the best part about using a toy in the tub is that you don’t even need lubricant anymore.

  1. In The Kitchen 

As previously indicated, there are a ton of entertaining uses for the suction base. Have you ever attempted to ride it without embarrassment by attaching it to a kitchen chair? What are you waiting for, if not?

However, make sure you’re alone at home so you can fully unwind and apply as much lubricant as your body needs.

It is possible to play both anal and vaginally in this position.

  1. In The Public 

Many toys are sufficiently small and silent to be played with in public. Our favorite is the Leaf Vibrator, an ergonomic device made of silicone that fits into your underwear. With the remote control that comes with it, you can adjust the patterns and speeds without anyone realizing you’re wearing it. 

If you’re adventurous, consider wearing a little vibrating butt plug while going about your daily business. A lot of people who enjoy anal play have done this, and the thrill of using a sex toy in public will up your enjoyment level overall.

  1. In The Car

Yes, the car is a public space as well, therefore you should make sure it’s parked securely and out of sight of onlookers. You can use any kind of toy in the car, from big dildos to small bullets.

It is advised that you maintain a vibrating bullet in your glove compartment, though, as this will aid in your relaxation and calmness after a demanding workday.