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Moteriškas įkraunamas masturbatorius silikoninis sekso žaislas

Original price was: 65,78 USD.Current price is: 31,43 USD.


A 100% high-quality sex toy that can be used to stimulate the G-spot or sensitive areas and thus enhance your sexual pleasure.

Moteriškas įkraunamas masturbatorius silikoninis sekso žaislas $65.78 Original price was: 65,78 USD.$31.43 valCurrent price is: 31,43 USD.
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Sekso žaislo detalės

Females and males can use this masturbator, a rechargeable masturbator silicone sex toy
100% BODY SAFE: The vibrator is made of silky soft silicone that is not only comfortable to the touch but also warm to the touch. The vibe is also ergonomic to easily provide G-spot breast, clitoral, and scrotal precision stimulation during your solo exploration.
The rechargeable masturbator will treat every sensitive part sweetly and gently in the hope of creating more pleasure for a larger group of people.
The Ice Cream Vibrating Masturbator has a plain look that prevents embarrassment even when placed in any location in your home.
Spalva: pink / purple / blue
Medžiaga: silicone + ABS
Charger: USB rechargeable
Dydis: 7.7CM * 7.4CM

Press and hold the + key for 2 seconds to start the machine.

After power on, short press the + key and the number key to adjust the rotation frequency.

Press and hold the + key for 2 seconds to turn off the machine.

Note: Before and after use, please wash and dry with water or shower gel. The product can not be turned on when the product is in the charging state.
It is easy to breed bacteria after use without cleaning for a long time. So please clean yourtoyimmediately after use.
After washing, it is recommended to wipe with a dry cotton cloth, paper towels are also a good choice. Wipe the water after natural drying, and avoid exposure to the sun!

Package contains:
1 vibrator
1 USB data cable
Instruction manual

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